Tools for harmless release, population considered release, pcr.

First, I think we have to replace the expression catch&release  with population considered release, pcr.
Today more and more fisheries and river administrations are changing to modern policy and this new expression is more self explaining also for the wide public. Self explaining in the sense that it explains why we do this!

Tools: a knotless big net in a “handy-pack” version, forceps and the new Lippa4Life grip

Even administrations for salmon rivers in Norway are considering pcr as only allowed fishing
for seasons to come. This, sadly, as a consequence of to small spawning populations of salmon at the spawning grounds. The alternative is a total ban of fishing.
Now we could experience only fly fishermen in the rivers and a lot of available beats.

To release a fish, weather it’s pike, grayling, trout or salmon, a few steps must be followed to the ensure the fish’ survival:

- play the fish fast, use strong enough leaders
- net the fish in a knotless net
- never lift the fish out of the water

Now, there is a new tool helping us holding the fish with its mouth against the current and also aiding us in removing the fly: the Lippa4Life grip:

ese cnc produced tools, when squeezed, have a minimum clearance of 3mm in the gap, ensuring not to harm the fish’s lower lip. The small rounded ball tip of the tool also ensure not to harm the fish and is small enough to comfortably grip a grayling’s small mouth.

( a Rising photo)

So, to continue the steps of release above:

- when the fish is in the net, grip the lower lip of the fish, keeping it’s head against the  
- use your pliers/forceps to remove the fly
- keep the fish all the time in the water, don’t ever lift it.
- take your photo/measure(tape-measure) the fish when holding it like this; head
   against current
- release the grip when you feel/are comfortable that the fish “caught his breath”.

Well, this my way of pcr and the method got good references for fishing and releasing a lot of species.
I feel a need today to educate fly fishermen in good practice of pcr, ensuring fish survival, and to avoid dead drifting fish in rivers that has recently changed administration to a modern one; to regulate the fishing according to the population of that river, without stocking but to ensure an adequate pawning population and areas to spawn.