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River Glomma October 19th.2009:
Calm, sunny day, but very cold, air temperature +2 degrees C. The water temperature was 4.
Czech nymphing was the technique to hook several nice graylings. Didn't see any rises.

River Glomma October 10th.2009:
Calm, sunny day, but cold. The waters temperature has now dropped to 5 degrees C.
Very few insects about, but in the middle of day some milk chocolate coloured caddis started show.
Deer hair imitations on size 14 hook matched the real thing and hooked a good number of very fine grayling.
Melancholic thoughts that this was the last day this season for bike&dry fly...........

River Glomma October 2nd. 2009:
Very cold night, -7 degrees C, but in the middle of day sunny weather and a few insects on the surface.
Calm conditions and good dry dry fishing. I was determined to fish this day because the weather forecast for tomorrow is snow and heavy wind!

Before the grayling start to rise, a good technique is to use a small, but very good floating dry fly and fish it downstream. Twitch the line occasionally to make movement to the fly and fish throughout the "swing". This way you often tempt the grayling up to surface. If the grayling or you miss, it doesn't matter; you now know where to make your next cast that should be dead drift right to target.

River Glomma week 38 2009:
River Rynda, river Orkla, great rivers, big salmon and good fishing, but still; unbeatable fishing days at my home river Glomma. God waterlevel and perfect weather. Clear crisp air, sun, silent solitude and grayling rising! A lot of good size grayling landed on dry fly. Small caddis and mayfly imitations.

High, but clear water; it's 130cm deep here

River Rynda experience 2009, 29th. of August - 5th. of September:
Glorious prolific river with pocket water fishing and great pools. Packed with salmon in non taking mood due to low and warm water. Yet some landed; for me on Bomber and micro hitching tube as most satisfying experience!

Drifting the river Trysil, 22nd. of August:
Very interesting experience, drifting in a ClackaCraft drift boat down middle parts of river Trysil. Hard fishing due to weather and water conditions, but a few good ones landed! Friends Patrick DaniŽls and Espen Eilertsen, www.callofthewild.no

The fabulous river Orkla, end of June 2009:
There is not much to say, just view the pictures and you probably recognise the stunning fishing I had!
One rod, one reel, one line and one fly, landed them all!

Is it possible to feel better?

7,5kg, hen salmon released

6,5kg cock salmon

10,5kg, what a fight!

The Lizzy Salmon Spider tube fly!

Click!My Salmon Spider flies in Trout and Salmon April issue!

River Rena mid-summer 2009
Combining two hobbies!

Pike on popper!
Deep in the wilderness forest; good small rivers witch offers good sport on light pike gear.
Small popper on hook size 6-8 will do and gear AFTM7.

Simple small poppers (hook Bass size 8) are far the best. Giving impression for pike of much bigger prey.

The first grayling trip this year; 1st. of April
Sunny weather, 8-9 degrees  in air, but only 2 degrees Celsius in river Glomma. Good number of various mosquitoes(buzzers) and stoneflies; Capnia pymea and Taeniopteryx nebulosa,  hatching.
Several good grayling took my DRY FLY!

Older reports