There will be two groups of six anglers fishing three rods to one guide. Group A will start by fishing Rynda for three days in the section downstream from the Power Line out of Rynda Lodge. Group B will fish upper Rynda for three days in the section upstream from the Power Line out of the newly created 3rd Waterfall Tent Camp. There will be a midweek interchange every Tuesday at 19:00 by MI-8 helicopter for the second three days of fishing. Fishing starts at 09:15 each day and dinner will be at 21:00.


The 3rd Waterfall is a newly constructed quality tent camp that will include two (15sq.meters) kerosene heated tents with three folding beds including proper bedding that will be laundered twice a week. There will be a second large (20sq.meters) tent that will be used as the dinning quarters/mess. The camp staff will include a chef and a helper. There will be a jet boat available to access the char and brown trout possibilities in and around the Lake Rynda system which is 10 kilo meters in length. At the top of this lake there are autumn salmon fishing opportunities not to mention the traditional Rynda trout fishery beyond.

There will be one week program by me as a tour guide, all inclusive (with the exception of gratuities) from Murmansk as follows:

  • "Limited Helicopter": Week 32 starting Saturday, 7-Aug-10 at $5400/rod
      Note: "Limited Helicopter" Guests will be deployed by MI-2 helicopter to their prearranged fishing beats downstream of the Power Line only and return to the Lodge on foot in the afternoon. Fishing from the 3rd Waterfall camp will be on foot. "Walking" rods will walk to and from their prearranged fishing beats.


The Stockholm Travel Package, including your flight and a Friday night stay at SkyCity, is available to the Tundra Adventure Program at a 50% reduction on normal rates - only US695/guest

contact: geir.kjensmo@mastery.no